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La Couleur dans l'art

John Cage
ISBN: 9782878113259
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Color in art is interested in the history of color, but it is not for all that a historical panorama. Indeed, each chapter analyzes the subject through a specific theme - the language of color, the psychology of color, the symbolism of colors ... - based on the words and neutrals of artists as well. varied as Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Mark Rothko or Anish Kapoor.

La Peinture réaliste au XXème siècle

Brendan Prendeville
ISBN: 9782878111927
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Through this study, the author allows the reader to identify the characteristics of realism in very diverse historical, political and artistic contexts. It shows to what extent this artistic movement has marked painting over the past hundred years.

Méditerranée moderne

Dominic Bradbury
ISBN: 9782878112917

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