A family business, Editions Nathan has been, from the outset, one of the privileged partners of public schools, because they have accompanied its slow growth since the end of the 19th century and its many changes over the years.

For over 130 years, education has been Nathan's core business. Their vocation as a publisher is to support all those carrying educational and training missions, but also to give all children and learners a taste for knowledge and success.

Now a subsidiary of Editis, Nathan is a major player in school and extracurricular publishing, from kindergarten to general and vocational high school.

Nathan is also developing in the higher education and vocational training markets. Its educational know-how, the quality of its productions and the richness of its offer are recognized in France and internationally (Africa, Indian Ocean, Arab World, French overseas departments and territories, China, Brazil, etc.).

100 activités Montessori pour préparer mon enfant à lire et à écrire

Marie-Hélène Place
ISBN: 9782092787977
En stock

108 rois-démons

Pascal Morelli, Jean Pêcheux
ISBN: 9782092556054
En stock

1715-1750 Le Matin des Lumières

Françoise Juranville
ISBN: 9782091903606
En stock

5 histoires d'animaux avec 1 CD audio

S Cone Bryant, N Caputo, A Parot
ISBN: 9782092515020

80 activités pour lui donner le goût de la lecture

Christian Poslaniec
ISBN: 9782092786291
En stock

A ... ami?

Didier Lévy et Céline Guyot
ISBN: 9782092512685

A la recherche de la cité perdue

Anne Royer, Cécile Chicault
ISBN: 9782091866604
En stock

A la vie, à la...

Marie-Sabine Roger
ISBN: 9782092506745
En stock

ABC des petits coquins

ISBN: 9782092717318

ABC des petits lapins

ISBN: 9782092717226
En stock

Achille, fils unique

Yaël Hassan
ISBN: 9782092566626

Affreux, sales et gentils

Guillaume Guéraud
ISBN: 9782092512265
En stock

Ali Baba et les 40 voleurs

Illustré par Sandrine Thommen
ISBN: 9782092533109

Ali Baba et les 40 voleurs

D'après un conte arabe, illustré par Sandrine Thommen
ISBN: 9782092557822

Aliénor d'Aquitaine, la conquérante

Hélène Montardre illustrations de Benjamin Bachelier
ISBN: 9782092580684

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